A vulgar dance party in the CARIBBEAN?!!!

Hello Mix Up readers! Welcome to 2015, we’re off to a late start but we’re back! And with a bang. You’re welcome.

Trigger warning: Rape, Domestic Abuse.

Heads up; there will be swearing as well.

Today we’re gonna talk (rant) about one Mr. Leslie Miller. We’ve all seen the video of him talking (LAUGHING) about abusing his ex-partner. If you haven’t, enlighten yourself. He later ‘apologised’ to the Bahamian people by writing a cheque for a whopping $1000 (wow, ballin) to the Bahamas Crisis Centre, who essentially told him to shove it.  *slow claps*


 Fast forward a few months (almost a year really) and Mr. Miller shares some remarks about carnival, which is expected to take place in Nassau at some point. As the saying goes, opinions are like assholes, we’ve all got one; so go ahead and share it Leslie. *grabs popcorn*. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and pick out my favourite bits of his opinion and explain why they are WRONG AS HELL.

1. “The young people in this country are totally out of line morally.” …  This was said by a man who admitted to physically abusing his ex-partner. A man who recalled the events in a playful manner, laughing …WHILE IN THE BLOODY HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. A man who when given an out by the speaker who said “Now, he’s just joking”, said “no, I’m serious.”



Sir, you are out of line morally.

2. Carnival will encourage, “promiscuity, fornication, rape, incest and other sins of the flesh.” …. promiscuity and fornication already occur on a daily basis in the Bahamas, let’s be real. And who cares TBH, getcho life. I’m not here to judge anyone, and neither should Mr. Miller. Do you boo.

But moving on to the notion that carnival will encourage rape????


WHAT?! Unless they’re bringing actual rapists over for the event I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit on that, Leslie. I’m gonna need you to stop spreading these ignorant, victim blaming, rape myth accepting views to my people. Thanks!

I don’t even know what to say in reference to carnival encouraging incest because that is the silliest of his entire carnival commentary. Show me the receipts, sir!

3. “I am not enthused about it to be honest with you.” – “But it is not my decision.” … Now, this one I honestly did like. Once you know, bruh. It’s happening.

Fast forward ONE DAY. And yuh boy ‘takes back’ these statements because Perry Christie pointed out in an interview that Leslie Miller’s daughters are quite (though I’m not sure the extent) involved in carnival.

Let’s take this at face value, he said he spoke out of turn and that he was not informed enough to have an opinion on the matter etc etc yada yada BUT, he still said publicly that women dressed a certain way = rape. He apologised for talking shit about carnival because he wasn’t ‘educated’ enough, but how about getting yourself educated on a more serious matter such as rape, before you speak about what’s going to cause it. I can assure you Mr. Miller, it ain’t those carnival outfits. He said that his daughters made a ‘believer’ out of him in reference to carnival. Good job girls, honestly; I’m sure that was tough as hell. Only now someone needs to make a believer out of him when it comes to things like rape and victim blaming.

You can start with this article, where women shared the outfits that they wore when they were assaulted. And wouldn’t you know, no carnival bikinis!

Here’s some photos, if you don’t feel like reading:

tumblr_lpw3xwZq4V1qbdn1zo1_500                YguTq

 A few weeks ago I was having a conversation on this same topic with a male friend of mine. If you’re reading this, sorry bruh, but you asked for it. :)

Him: If you’re dressed like a slut, you are asking for it.



Him: It’s like if I walked down the street with all my gold chains on. I’m inviting a thief to take them.

Me: … You have every right to walk down the street with ALL your jewelry on, if someone tries to steal them, it’s because they are a thief, not because you asked them to.

Him: Yeah but by wearing them, I’m giving them the opportunity to rob me. If I don’t wear them, they can’t steal them.

Me: Okay, I see your point. When we go out later I’ll leave my breasts and vagina on the night stand.

Him: …


In short, the ‘vulgar’ young people are not the problem. The problem is the ignorant, ass backwards opinions that people in power have and then feel the need to spread around.

Mr. Miller, if you’re reading this, I invite you to become as educated as you can on every topic you brought up as being a possible result of carnival; especially rape. If I didn’t make a believer out of you, discuss it with your daughters; I’m sure they have opinions on this as well. Ask them what they thought about you telling the world you used to physically assault a past girlfriend on a regular basis. Ask them how they felt when you laughed about it. Ask them how they would feel if you did that to their mother. Ask yourself how you would feel if someone did that to them, and then laughed about it on national television. Ask yourself how you would feel if god forbid, they were sexually assaulted and someone had the fucking nerve to blame it on what they were wearing; thus excusing the perpetrator’s actions.