JessID Jessica

I’m a child at heart, open-minded, & obsessed with fairness. Life is already too hard to be unnecessarily cruel. As Malcolm X said: “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” I love culture, psychology, music & copious amounts of laughter. My family & friends are the most important things in my life. I am extremely proud of my Caribbean heritage, however I am increasingly disappointed by some of it’s inequalities & misperceptions & I will never be afraid to say so.

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I am a mother, daughter, friend & confidant. I am honest & direct, which can be offputting to others at times. I have a great sense of humour & love to laugh & enjoy life. I have unwavering loyalty when earned & no patience for pretense or fake people. I believe in honesty & integrity & I am quite proud of my faith. I am an open book with my thoughts & life, & express myself through photos & words. The nicest person you will ever meet, but cross me & I will be the coldest bitch you ever knew.

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I am a proud geek, having just graduated with an MSc in Anthropology from Oxford. I am a bit too loud, I read a lot and I have a fondness for culture, food, films and dancing-like-no-one-is-looking. I’m quick to anger and annoy, but an all-round shy person next door, please don’t confuse this for uppityness. My life’s ambition? Complete a PhD and rule the world, one day at a time. I’m not ashamed of my dual cultural heritage, my mother’s Bajan and my father is Bahamian, so please, don’t come up to me asking why I don’t sound or look Bahamian. Born. Bred. Ga dead, Bahamian. OK?

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