These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things (6)



1. The Owl Whisperer. Because not only do I love owls, but also because this would definitely be my reaction.

2. Pantene’s ‘Not Sorry’ advert. Becausetruth. To quote The Story So Far, “fuck an apology, I’m not sorry for anything!”

3. This Mythbuster because flawless. Whoever the Whistleblower is, they deserve all the awards. I tip my hat to you, good sir/mam.

4. This song. I can’t stop singing it. Family and friends are becoming concerned/annoyed.

5. This new way to avoid creepy aggressive men.



1. This lady because I know that I could NEVER be that forgiving.

2. I read this and wondered how did I forget that I wrote it…so accurate!

3. The most hilarious video and commentary that I have seen in a while. My cousin, Robert and I are still laughing at it.

4. Don’t hate. They are bad-ass!

5. I just love this video! I cannot stop watching it!

6. The person who wrote this deserves a high-five!

7. I would also just like to send a huge SHOUT OUT to my friend, C. McMahon Campbell for being elected as the Local Government representative for my constituency, East Grand Bahama! Go McMahon go! This is a fave for me because for the first time ever, my vote actually resulted in a win! Woo-hoo!



1. Sailor Moon crystal episode 1 just came out and the Internet fandom is freaking out. Join in on the fun.

2. Latest Bahamian Art & Culture.

3. Latest edition of Doongalik’s newsletter.


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